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Import code from private git repo over HTTPS

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Import code from private git repo over HTTPS

We're setting up a data pipeline with dataiku. Our data processing functions are being developed in a private Bitbucket repository to which we can only authenticate via HTTPS. I've seen some discussion on how to do this where the author mentioned SSHing into the DSS node. I'm pretty new to Dataiku but I don't really see how this is done. If I have a new project, what "node" is there to SSH into? How is this "node' connected to my library imports?


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Hi @johncmerfeld ,

By SSH-ing into the "DSS node"  in this context would simply connect to an instance where DSS is installed.

In order to configure git or cache credentials, you will need actual SSH access.

As you saw in the previous discussion using HTTPS auth may require MFA so if possible try using SSH key auth instead.  Steps to do so are detailed here: 

If SSH key is not an option it looks like Bitbucket has this document explaining how to cache credentials :

Important to remember that git commands in DSS are done with git CLI,  as the user that DSS was installed with. 

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