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How do I install the MS SQL Server Driver on the VirtualBox VM

How do I install the MS SQL Server Driver on the VirtualBox VM

My first problem is getting the drivers.

In short on this page

I’m stuck with this step.

Copy the driver

Copy the driver’s JAR file (and its dependencies, if any) to the DATA_DIR/lib/jdbc folder

I do not seem to have a browser on the VM.  I may have sftp.  I just have not figured where to host the files in order to get them on the virtual machine.

I also see that there is the ability to connect to the local folders.  I was trying that first.  (so far no success.)

On the VM considering that I did not install the product myself.  I’m not sure where it is installed.  So DATA_DIR “In this page, DATA_DIR refers to the data directory where you installed Data Science Studio.” Is sort of confusing.  Where was Dataiku DSS installed on the VM one has to use when using a Windows host.



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If you downloaded the community edition VM $DATA_DIR location is /home/dataiku/dss/

This operation requires to copy the jars via SCP or SFTP . depending on your Hypervisor :

- if you run the vm with virtualbox the SSH port (for SCP or SFTP) is 2222 of the host .

- if you run on VMWare it's the regular port (22) .

I hope this is helpful.

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Helpful, yes. Thanks You. The directory $DATA_DIR is particularly helpful. Thanks. Clearly did not look in this directory. Will check tomorrow when at work.

And the challenge here is that I do not have a large linux, unix environment on site. I have lost of windows computers, which tend not to support scp or sftp or ssh natively. Are you saying that the sftp services is turned on on the VM as it comes from Dataiku? That if I Sftp to port 2222 i should be able to make a connection. Do I use the credentials for the dataiku account?

Sorry for the newbie questions.