Github integration

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Github integration

Hi community,

I recently worked on a Git integration in our Dataiku Designer instance and would like to share a few trivial insights here post the resolution with a Dataiku support team member.

Shared two helpful references while working on the integration:

To summarize the main steps involved:

  1. Switched to the user role (e.g. dssuser) when it was used to install the DSS instance (this step could avoid lots of potential issues in the following steps)
  2. ssh-keygen to generate a ssh key and it should save the outcome under the path /home/dssuser/.ssh/
  3. Copied and pasted the key value from a public key provided from step 2 into a desired Git repo.
  4. Within Admin UI (Administration/Settings/Git), added a corresponding Git repo URL within the whitelist param.
    • Additionally, one could further modify the "Configuration options" param, depending on the use cases, such as the above documentation pointed out to point with a different key path and have a finer security control by user groups.
    • Make sure it's ticked within the box of "Let DSS control SSH command"; otherwise, it won't ask your dssuser role to execute SSH commands.
      Operating system used: Linux (ubuntu 20.04)
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@Tsen-Hung Thank you so much for sharing your experience here on Community as well! 

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Happy to share as long as it could save lots of steps for someone who is seeking the same solution 🙂

@AlexT, you provided the solution though! Kudos back to you!

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