Getting Help - Start Here!

Community Manager
Community Manager
Getting Help - Start Here!

We have created resources to help you navigate to find the assistance you need.

In How to Best Find Answers you can find a description of the many sources of support open to you including:

  • The Community - You are in a great place for help as it is!
  • DSS Global Search - find answers right within Dataiku DSS itself
  • Your Internal Community - never underestimate the sources of information your colleagues can turn out to be!
  • The Academy - Self learning tutorials at their finest
  • The DSS Documentation - Open to all, detailed, comprehensive - what more could you want?
  •  Support- if you have a technical issue with DSS then support will be happy to help!

If you decide the Community is the right place for your question then you may want to know How to ask for help with the best results? and this post is the perfect place to get the answer!

Best of luck with your query!

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Looking for more resources to help you use DSS effectively and upskill your knowledge? Check out these great resources: Dataiku Academy | Documentation | Knowledge Base

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