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Failed contacting the API node

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Failed contacting the API node

Hi guys,

I'm on API-deployer and publishing my test services with DSS local for window.
In detail, I've got this err message like:

Failed to get deployment status from API Node 'http://localhost:11200': Command returned unexpected JSON data, please check URL of infra (http://localhost:11200) or server version, caused by: JsonSyntaxException: Expected a but was

I have set API node url = "http://localhost:11200"

Could you help me defined mistake and give some help.


Operating system used: Window

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Hi @tamdiku_9495 ,

The port for the API node seems incorrect, as port 11200 is typically the one DSS runs on when installing with a Launcher( Windows or Mac).

Enterprise-only features like API nodes may not work with Windows Launcher as this installation is meant for Personal use only( not Enterprise use):

If you are using a Windows launcher we suggest you switch to using a VM or other installation on Linux which is supported for Enterprise license to test API nodes

The command you use to install the API node would have the port you need to use e.g :
dataiku-dss-VERSION/ -t api -d DATA_DIR -p PORT -l LICENSE_FILE

Please note that to install the API node you need an Enterprise license, the 14-day Enterprise trial license does not work with API nodes.

Kind Regards,

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Thanks @AlexT! Understood this situation.

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