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Dataiku SFTP Connection via Proxy

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Dataiku SFTP Connection via Proxy

Hi Team, exotic question for you!

Is there a way to set up a dataiku SFTP connection when a proxy is required using advanced properties or similar?

Works no problemo via paramiko transport and such:

paramiko.proxy.ProxyCommand(f'nc --proxy {hostname} {port}')


Wondering if i can do something in here to take advantage of DSS GUI goodness

Screenshot 2023-03-15 at 5.44.03 PM.png

Operating system used: Ubuntu 18.04

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I don't believe the DSS SFTP recipe supports proxies but there are plenty of solutions out there that do. Find the one that you like the most (like paramiko) and simply call a shell script recipe or just dump the files in a Folder in your flow. 

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Thanks @Turribeach - definitely doing this now, I was just curious if there was a ninja way to make a connection work! Appreciate you.

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