Dataiku DSS leverage Dynatrace

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Dataiku DSS leverage Dynatrace

Dataiku DSS leverage Dynatrace instead of Grafana for AWS instance and user monitoring.
Dynatrace is preferred at our company and Grafana will have to be review by security before it can be deployed.

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Hi @jrmathieu63 thanks for posting. To confirm is this an ask or a request? If its a request I recommend that you utilize the Product Ideas Board to propose this as an idea.

If/when proposing this as an idea be sure review the guidelines please keep in mind the following:

  • Start with a clear title
  • Describe what challenges it would help you solve
  • Tell us about what it might help you do
  • Include scenarios and use cases
  • Add appropriate label(s)
  • Keep it short and to the point
  • Avoid tech-speak and abbreviations

If this is a question, can you provide a little more context or detail. Thanks again!

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This is more of an ask then a recommendation.

Can DSS be configurated to use Dynatrace for AWS system and User/Usage monitoring?