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Dataiku 10 on Azure snapshot

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Dataiku 10 on Azure snapshot


I am using Dataiku 10 on Azure.
I am trying to adjust the snapshot setting without success.

any help welcome


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Hi, there is no enough information in your post for people to help you. What exactly are you trying to do? What error message are you getting? etc. Here is a good guide on how to provide good information on technical forums:


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Hi @hweber01 and thank you for your question. While you wait for a response, here are some more best practices:How do I ask a good question? 

This is a collection of a number of helpful resources to allow you to search, ask, and locate the resources you are looking for while you wait for a response. 

Looking for more resources to help you use Dataiku effectively and upskill your knowledge? Check out these great resources: Dataiku Academy | Documentation | Knowledge Base

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