DSS Linux Install - loss of packages and dependencies ...

DSS Linux Install - loss of packages and dependencies ...
I'm installing DSS on Linux workstation but I've encountered some problems about loss of packages and dependencies :

* Dataiku DSS installer *
[!] *****************************************************
[!] CONFIG_DATA_DIR contains a previously failed install of DSS
[!] Moving it out of the way and proceeding
[!] *****************************************************
[+] Creating data directory: CONFIG_DATA_DIR
[+] Using Java at /usr/bin/java : java version "1.7.0_79"
[+] Checking required dependencies
+ Detected OS distribution : redhat 6.5
+ Checking required packages...
*** Error: package nginx not found
*** Error: package python27 not found
*** Error: package libpng not found
*** Error: package freetype not found
*** Error: package libgfortran not found
*** Error: package libgomp not found

[-] Dependency check failed
[-] You can install required dependencies with:
[-] sudo -i "/home/CloudUser/DATAIKU/dataiku-dss-3.1.4/scripts/install/install-deps.sh" -without-java
[-] You can also disable this check with the -n installer flag

If I try to launch to following command :sudo -i "/home/CloudUser/DATAIKU/dataiku-dss-3.1.4/scripts/install/install-deps.sh" -without-java

It doesn't resolve the problem of dependencies :

Please, help me to resolve this installation pb in order to test DSS.

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Running sudo -i "/home/CloudUser/DATAIKU/dataiku-dss-3.1.4/scripts/install/install-deps.sh" -without-java (or "/home/CloudUser/DATAIKU/dataiku-dss-3.1.4/scripts/install/install-deps.sh -without-java " as root if the user you are running is not sudoer) might install the dependencies and solve your problem. Remember that your system need to get access to internet during this phase.

Feel free to contact Dataiku Support with the output of install-deps.sh execution if your issue persists.

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