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DSS 9.0.1 upgrade - use of Python 3.7

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DSS 9.0.1 upgrade - use of Python 3.7



We are currently using DSS 7.0.2 and we want to upgrade to the release 9.0.1.

The new DSS 9.0.1  release proposes python 3.7. 

Please, could you confirm if we can upgrade DSS to the release 9.0.1 with the python 3.7 option for the builtin environment ? 

i.e. : ./ -u -d /grdata/dss/dss -P python3.7 -n

In case we use python 3.6 instead for the DSS upgrade, please, could you confirm if we can create code environments in DSS with python 3.7 ? Is there any limitation ?



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As mentioned in the release notes. 

Starting with DSS 9,  Python 3.6 or Python 3.7 can be selected as the default built-in environment during installation or upgrade.

You can create code environments with the supported versions 2.7, 3.6, and 3.7 regardless of the base python defined during the upgrade or install. 

The python versions you want to use should be installed and available in the PATH defined for the DSS user. You can check from the terminal using : 


which python36   
which python37
which python27