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DSS 10.0.4 was posted last week.

DSS 10.0.4 was posted last week.

Hello All, 

Any one any problems with the latest upgrade? 
I just upgraded from 10.0.3 to 10.0.4 without any problem.


Marc Robert

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I read the upgrade notes in the documentation.  Lots of interesting thing come with this version.  Have not had a moment to do the update as of yet.  Have others.   What are your experiences with 10.0.4?

Have not yet much experience with this version. We are very interested in the Python 3.8 support.

-- Marc Robert
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i'm still tryng to get my head around 10.0.2 .. Upgraded from v8 just two weeks ago as i did not want to take any chances with a project -although i have absolutely no complaints about upgrade-safety, sometime just the idea is stressfull. 

Especially looking forward to the fuzzy join functionality : another big migration-project is coming up and i'm pretty sure that will be a .. well.. celebration(?) of human creativity in the free textfields. 

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