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Cannot open DSS on macOS Catalina

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Cannot open DSS on macOS Catalina

When i try to open DSS i get the message 

"DSS needs Java to be installed. Please go to to install Java"


I installed Java and i keep getting the same message. 

I tried following the steps on


But when i try to open it from /Applications/ i get the same message. Also, there's no ~/Library/DataScienceStudio directory.


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Have look at this post.  I believe the problem was similar and a solution is listed

Good luck!


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It's just been pointed out that you said you'd already looked at that article.  My apologies for not reading properly


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@LorenzoGReyes Hi! 

I checked the code that looks for Java on Mac and can inform that there two places we look for it:

1) Native OSX installed Java.

2) JAVA_HOME in the users profile in case it was installed from a tarball or other similar way, but this will work only if you start DSS from CLI. If you start DSS from Launchpad, .profile (that you might have used to set $JAVA_HOME) is ignored. 

How did you install Java to Mac? 

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I'm wondering if you are trying to install on a clean osx Catalina installation.  For new clean installations of OS X Apple has moved from Bash to Zshell.

I'm wondering if you have been updating Bash configuration files and need to actually update Zshell files instead of your implementation.

I have not moved to zsh and am using an older version of the OS right now so that is about all I know of this.  I'm wondering if others are using zsh with dataiku dss.

The other way to try to fix this would be to move back to bash.  See these instructions.

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