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Spacious overview of find&replace values

For your consideration:

The challenge : Migrating data out of legacy systems is often accompanied with adjustments to that data. In my case these adjustments are on names of departments, procedures etc. They can get really lengthy, Healthpro's are good at that... The find & replace- processor is a useful tool for this but challenging for spotting typo's in lengthy replacements. Also getting an overview when replacements are similar in the first part of the string is currently not optimal.

It would be really helpful when a functionality is provided to show these replacement values completely. For example a popup, or any other way so I can get a quick overview of the complete values.

Possibly I overlooked some functionality already in place.. in that case would anyone be so kind to point it out ?  

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attached : small example of what could happen currently (i use an alternative currently as this is not practical). If a better example is helpful please let me know.



update : the "raw text edit"-option is helpful with regard to the described challenge. It would be extra helpful 1/if that list is orderly shown in a more spacious environment and 2/if there is a mention of it and it's properties in the documentation.  

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Status changed to: In Backlog

I have logged this in our backlog.  

My current process for this is to create an Excel document with the mappings and export it as a TSV to upload to Dataiku. A popout editor for find/replace values would be awesome.

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Community Manager
Status changed to: Acknowledged