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Restrict usage of custom plugins to a group of users

Not sure if anyone else has requested this before.
But i was hoping there would be a way to restrict access to a plugin to a certain user group.

I think we can always add a check of the user group in the code itself and raise exception>
But was just wondering if providing a permission tab is something that dataiku is thinking about if its not too much work?

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Hi @NN ,

Thanks for the idea. Can you tell us a little more about what you have in mind here so that we (and anyone reading your idea) has a better idea of what it would help you do?

What's the use case? Would it be for a specific type of plugin?




Hi @AshleyW ,
We developed custom plugins to give a group of users an option to pull data from some external sources. 
This data may contain PII information.
There is new group of users whom we plan to add to our existing instance.

We were discussing to see if there is a way to restrict objects to specific groups/
While i can restrict projects, connections and code environments to our first user group.
I couldnt see any option to restrict custom plugins to only one group.

Also like i said before i think we can find a users group and raise exception in the code so i do have a workaround.
But i thought let me float the idea around and see what others think.

Maybe there is way that the plugin recipes will appear disabled to the users who dont belong to the approved group.

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Hi @NN,

Thanks for submitting this idea and for sharing the context around why it would be useful to your team. You'll be pleased to hear this idea is in our backlog--being able to restrict access to custom plugin to specific user groups is a request we've received from customers--and we are determining the next steps for development. We can't provide a timeline at this point, but be sure to check back for updates.

For everyone else, kudos the original post to signal that you're interested in Dataiku developing and releasing this feature!

Take care,


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I agree with Neuron, while it is possible to make the plugin fail if a user doesn't belong to a specific group Dataiku administrators should have the ability to set permissions for plugins in the same way we can do it for folders, projects, connections and code environments.

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