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Iterative flow zones

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User Story

As a data operations manager, I would like to be able to feed a flow zone a table of variables and have the flow zone iterate a sub flow of a project with the specific variables.  

example use case

Imagine a set of disk volumes that change over time, and you want to run a flow on many different disk volumes,  you create a single flow, and use append to the dataset within the flow. Then in the input dataset for the flow zone you list each of the volumes on a separate row. The flow zone then iterates in the same way over each of the disk volumes and conducts the process.  You could imagine doing the same kind of things over a bunch of similar urls, or multiple spreadsheets in a workbook. 

Conditions of satisfaction (COS)

* this scheme needs to work with scenarios

* logging needs to be clear about which Input value is being processed

* an input table should be able to work with multiple input variables.  Each row of the input table to the flow zone would be represent a different pass through the data.

Nice to features

* it would be nice if this could be parallel-ized in order to improve performance.  


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I might be wrong but wouldn't the application as a recipe solve your requirement?