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Improvements to Variable Overrides in visual recipies.

User Story:

As a more advanced analyst (or citizen data scientist) it would be nice if variable overrides worked in more places and with more features so that we could do more advanced data flows.

Things that would help:

  • In the Sample/Filter visual recipe, it would be nice if the number of records and filter values could be set with a variable.
  • In the Prepare Recipe it would be nice if a big int could be used in as a numerical value in  the Filter rows/cells on numerical range step.  Today this throws an int error see support ticket #39619
  • When doing a substitution it would be helpful to see a visual indication that the value was being substituted.  This could be a color change or better the name of the variable being shown in the field.
  • It would be great if dataset statistics could be published as variables for use by other visual processes.  Like the max of an update column, or a count of records.