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Improve visualization of large flows

Improve visualization of large flows

For flows with hundreds of datasets, it'd be helpful to be able to visualize them more clearly. It'd be nice to be able to minimize portions of the flow into black boxes which can be opened to examine internal components. Often, many datasets are compressed down to just one dataset a few steps later, so hiding these would be ideal.

A workaround I tried was to create a hidden tag, then create a filter to hide everything with a hidden tag, but since these datasets had other tags, I couldn't get that to work. It'd be great if there were a built-in functionality to condense large flows.


Hi @natejgardner ,

I don't know which DSS version you use, but there are already two features that speak directly to your comments:

Do these match your requirements?

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Thanks @Manuel, flow zones looks like the feature I needed! Excited to upgrade to v8. Flow folding doesn't work very well for this use-case since the flow layout stays spread out even when the clutter is hidden:

Screenshot (12).png

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As mentioned this idea has already been implemented since Version 8 of DSS with Flow Zones.

More information on Flow Zones can be found here:

I hope this helps!