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Flow zones and support for them in scenarios


I am exploring flow zones possibilities and I am missing one feature. Is there planned to support flow zones in scenarios? 

Instead of building single datasets I would like put there to build whole zone. What would be also nice is trigger another scenario when some flow zone has been refreshed.

My use case:

Having complex flow which consists of two main parts and producing several output datasets. Now I have two main scenarios which runs one after each other. I would like to achieve better parallelism to run the flows in parallel but there are parts which are common for both so those can't run in parallel.

Now going through the flow and tagging datasets as flowA or flowB or common and later will need to create a new scenarios to parallelise the processing. So I was thinking how to use flow zones for it but I ended up in scenarios where I still would need to define the build on dataset level not zone level.


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Hi @tomas_sobotik thanks for reaching out as always. We felt this would be better suited on the Product Ideas board so we moved your post and officially made it an idea. Thanks again!

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Hi @tomas_sobotik , thank you for your idea!

What you've mentioned looks like two different ideas:

  1. Be able to build everything in a given Flow Zone
  2. Be able to trigger scenario steps based on the completion of (1)

Does that sound about right? If so, would you mind splitting them into two different ideas?


Take care, 


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Hi @AshleyW,

yes, you got it right, two ideas. So do you want me to create a second post and place the idea #2 there?






That would be great, thank you! You can mention that the second relates to the first since they're related capabilities.



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