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Collaborative Change Control for Promotion to Automation

Hi there,

We would like to see a little more VCS style change control when promoting into automation environment.

For example, when a project developer is ready to promote their project to an automation environment:

  • the developer would open a Review request (similar to a Merge or Pull Request in modern VCS environments).
  • Then after the change has been reviewed by another developer and "Approved".
    • it would be really nice to limit deployment to certain infrastructure to only approved requests.
    • i.e. If we have a staging automation environment that requires no approval to deploy, but then have a production automation node that would only allow a user to deploy once the change has been approved by a different developer.
  • Then the user can merge/promote their changes to the production node.

The current "Release Notes" section when creating a bundle isn't visible to anyone after it's created. So it would be also nice to be able to look back at the Release Notes for each "Change"/Bundle.