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ArangoDB Support

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Consider creating a connector for ArangoDB, the popular multi-model database used by many enterprises.

A collection mode could act much like existing table datasets for SQL databases and simply return documents from a collection and infer the schema.

A query mode would allow users to submit AQL queries to ArangoDB and return the results as a dataset. Often, these queries can be conveniently converted to tables.

For connecting recipes to ArangoDB, it would be acceptable to have a minimal set of features, since it would not be too inconvenient to move the records to a SQL database for intermediate steps using sync recipes. However, most recipes do have equivalents in ArangoDB that could be wired up in most cases. Creating managed collections in ArangoDB would function similarly to existing managed datasets in Dataiku.That said, many ArangoDB workflows operate around modifying data within a single collection, so some investigation may be needed for optimal workflows.

My group makes heavy use of ArangoDB and would like something more integrated than what we can create with a custom dataset plugin (especially with regards to credential management).

Status changed to: Acknowledged

Thanks for the suggestion. We'll keep monitoring the demand for this feature. Another option would be for Arrango to develop a connector leveraging our plugin framework.