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Allow Python recipes with Snowflake inputs and file system inputs to create Snowflake outputs



I have a Python recipe that has 2 Snowflake tables as inputs and one file system dataset as another input.



When executing the recipe, I get this error:

Job failed: Error in Python process: At line 193: <class 'Exception'>: Query failed: b'Input dataset yrs_lots_wafers_exists is not a SQL table'


I could understand why this error would occur if this was the only input, but not when I do have valid Snowflake table inputs.


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Status changed to: Not Planned

Hi @info-rchitect upon further investigation of your entry we believe that this falls within the scope of a support case for Dataiku usage. We're going to mark this as not planned for now and ask that you open a support ticket.

Information on opening a support ticket can be found here: Obtaining Support. If you are utilizing Dataiku Online, information for Obtain Support on Dataiku Online can be found in your Knowledge Base. Thanks for keeping us on our toes!