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Using the US Census Plugin

Using the US Census Plugin

Has anyone out there worked out how to use the Census USA plugin?

For example, I've got a dataset that contains fips codes at the state and county levels.  I want to add population, say 2019 or 2020, maybe just released.

I've read the plugin page


I've gone to the page

I've gone to what I think is the git repo.

However, I'm left with very little idea of how to make practical use of this tool.

Thoughts?  I'm doing this for two reasons

  • To enrich data in a project I'm working on
  • To learn something about the census plugin.

For now I'm going to default to downloading the data from here and importing.

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Hey @tgb417 it's like opening a gift on your birthday with some brand new US Census data to play with!

While you wait for a more complete response, I wanted to use this opportunity to plug (no pun intended) some resources from the Knowledge Base:

I hope this helps!

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Thanks @CoreyS 

the shape file one is interesting.

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I'm jumping back into looking at the Census Plugin.

It appears to use the annual American Community Survey data.  However the drop down only shows data from 2013-2017.  I believe that the US Census Bureau has released ACS data for as recent as 2020.  And it would be helpful to me to have data going back to 2005.   Image showing that the Census support years 2013 - 2017Image showing that the Census support years 2013 - 2017

Does anyone know if this plugin will be updated?  Or if it is easily hackable to support a broader time period?

If not anyone have a good prebuilt Python or R Library for getting this type of data?  Or do you know a cleaver use of the REST API plugin to do the same kind of thing.

Thanks for any help.

cc: @nicog 


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