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Tableau Hyper Export

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Tableau Hyper Export


Tableau hyper export plugin option works wonders. But there's a small issue when it comes to specifying my destination project. Let's say I need to export the hyper file to a sub-folder inside a parent project, export option doesn't seem to work as it throws an error - 

Failed to export rows : class 'ValueError' : The project Products/TB/TB Finance/Live/Data/ does not exist on server.

Would be great if there is a solution for this.



Operating system used: Windows 10

Operating system used: Windows 10

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Hi Aravind !

Selecting the destination project is only possible since the version 0.1.6 of the plugin. Your screenshot seems to point to an earlier version.

Once you have the plugin update, click on Select project from list which will make a project selector visible. Note that the target project must already be created on Tableau's side.

Screenshot 2023-06-27 at 12.46.48.png

Hope this helps,


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