Scenario reporter - Send to dataset

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Scenario reporter - Send to dataset

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Hi, I'm trying to explore the capabilities and limitations of Reporter in scenario and I'm not sure how the option "Send to dataset" works behind the scenes. Does anyone know:

  1. What type of datasets can I send the data from the reporter to? Can I send the data to a third-party dataset created by a plugin instead?
  2. Can I access data generated in the reporter via SDK/API instead? send-to-dataset.jpg

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1. It should work with any dataset that uses a connection. I guess you got to test it to be sure.

2. No. The reporter object is not available in the API but there is a Scenario object which should have most things or allow you to calculate them so the answer will depend on what you want to get. I created a Product Idea for this a few weeks ago, so make sure to vote for it via the Up Arrow if you want it implemented in Dataiku.

Perhaps it will be best for you to post a new thread asking what your requirements are, what are you trying to achive and how you think you can solve them so people can provide feedback.

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