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Processing a continuous stream of data

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Processing a continuous stream of data


I have a service that continuously emits data. You start receiving data once you have connected opening a TCP connection and never stops until you terminate the connection.

I'd like to develop a custom plugin to be able to process that data on Dataiku how I can do that as data never ends?

Will "build" log overload the server?




We are loading data from a flight's metasearch service. They expose a data stream we consume polling from a TCP connection ( We plan to use Dataiku to parse, sanitize, ... data and the drop into Hadoop apart from applying the corresponding analysis and lab 😉

@alexander Hope this helps

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Hi Gustavo,

For this type of use case, we would advise performing the data ingestion outside of Dataiku DSS, with a streaming engine such as Flume or Kafka.

Once the data is ingested, you can perform data transformation and machine learning modelling in DSS in a micro-batch way, using partitions to avoid recomputing on the whole data:


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Hi @Alex_Combessie,

Can you tell me how to connect to kafka in dataiku?





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Hi Swarna,

I am not a specialist on the topic but here is the link within our documentation regarding Kafka.


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