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GDPR Plugin - Project Metadata update

GDPR Plugin - Project Metadata update

Hi Team,
We have the GDPR plugin installed in our dataiku instance.
We also have a custom project creation macro in place which users use to create their projects.

We were trying to see if it was feasible to update the projects GDPR metadata fields during project creation itself.
example : 

admin_client = utils.get_admin_dss_client("creation1", user_auth_info)
project_ad = admin_client.get_project(project_key)
metadata = project_ad.get_metadata()
metadata['customFields']['gdpr_forbid_dataset_sharing'] = True

 The challenge is that we have given permissions to only users who are part of the administrators group to be able to edit gdpr metadata.

And when we try to use the admin privilege api key derived during project creation to update the metadata it gives a "gdpr policies forbid you to edit metadata" error.

If anyone has tried something similar or has any suggestions on how to resolve this then please do guide.

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