Export to PowerBI Limitations

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Export to PowerBI Limitations

We're using DSS and exporting the dataset from DSS to PowerBI. 

Export is successful however the format is showing up as streaming dataset on PowerBI where we're unable to build dashboards by combining multiple datasets as there is max of only 1 streaming datset we can use to build dashboard in PowerBI.


Do we have an option of exporting as regular dataset in PowerBi from DSS?

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Hi @s1b0fzc ,
You can also use a sync recipe from DSS to an Analytical SQL database and connect PowerBI to that SQL database/data source directly.

That will be the preferred solution, especially when dealing with larger datasets.

Since the PowerBI API used in the plugin will also have specific limitations https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/power-bi/developer/embedded/push-datasets-limitations



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I second Alex in his suggestion. Write back your data to a SQL database directly from Dataiku then read it from PowerBI. This is a much more scalable solution. If you are worried about mixing Dataiku dataset tables with PowerBI ones in your database you can either use different schemas or even different databases. 

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