Custom HTML Dashboard Plugin

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Custom HTML Dashboard Plugin

I am using Dataiku to build predictive models. After building the model, I use that model to score a future dataset. I want to create an HTML dashboard plugin that inputs this scored dataset and displays the following information in different tabs.

  1. Summary of prediction (# datapoints, MAPE, MAD, under and over predictions)
  2. Future dataset with prediction 

Has anyone attempted to create similar dashboards in the past? Are there any resources available for me to refer to? What is the effort required to set up this plugin? 
Ultimately, I want to download these HTML sheets and share them with the stakeholders.

Operating system used: Windows

Operating system used: Windows

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You can use a standard webapp, which is  made at least of HTML, CSS and Javascript code that you can write in the webapp editor. 

However, considering what you want to display, I would also consider the built-in Dashboards, which allow you to publish datasets, as well as the metrics you mention, and more (all insights from model report: explainability, performance etc.).

It is much simpler and quicker than building a whole webapp, and it's possible to download the dashboard as PDF, or even schedule it to be sent automatically

Hope that helps,



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