Could I have a plugin with Visual Analysis as an output?

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Could I have a plugin with Visual Analysis as an output?


I created a plugin that runs an amount of ML models and ideally, I want to have as an output Visual Analysis with the selected ML models of the plugin. Is that possible on Dataiku? And if that's true, there is any documentation to look on ?

Thank you 

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Hi @athina,

It's not possible for a visual analysis to be the output of a recipe/plugin in the flow (only a model can appear in the flow, as visual analyses are part of the lab). However, you could certainly generate a visual analysis in your plugin using the Python API, so that the analysis is created when the plugin is run. It just won't be the "output" of your plugin. 

Just to double check, are you sure that you want an analysis as your output type? It's a little odd that you would generate an analysis from models, so it's possible that there are other options that might make more sense for your use case. Feel free to describe your use case in more detail so we can best comment! 

In terms of using the API, you can look at using create_prediction_ml_task similar to the example here.


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