Copying the flow from one project to another project

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Copying the flow from one project to another project

Wanted to have identical flow in 2 different folder in DSS. in one folder , i would like to use that as a development env. And another one as UAT.

Generic copy subflow is not helping 100% for below reason:

1.The source data comes as shared one and everytime i have to create a new source data and unshare the copied one.

2.Lets say , i have a flow in both folder. But i made some change in dev.So i wanted to relfect that in UAT folder, So when i copy subflow, it creates a new objects.But what i would like to do is, it needs to replace the objects in UAT.

Like normal code migration.

Is there any way to do this in DSS? My dataset is manage folder,File folder,s3,python,R and visual recipe.

If so, could you let me know how to migrate the flow from one folder to other folder and other server. Mainly looking to automate this process.



Vinothkumar M

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Hi @Vinothkumar. Have you tried duplicating the project? That should be the easiest way

Screenshot 2020-11-26 220613.jpg



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Thanks for your reply ..Yes.currently we are doing that.but problem is 

in my current UAT folder ,I have some data in all my dataset.if I copy my new development code and create as a duplicate folder ,it will just come as fresh new dataset which is going to be empty

how I can use my previous data

basically I want to move oly the recipe n table changes if any.the  data  should remain same.How we can achieve this ?

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While doing the duplicate of your project, you can click on the "Show advanced options" and select the duplication mode as "Full duplication".