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Connect Python+Jupyter extension for VS Code

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Connect Python+Jupyter extension for VS Code

After reading this Knowledge Base article: How to Edit Dataiku Recipes and Plugins in Visual Studio Code, I was wondering how can I connect the Python+Jupyter extension for VS Code running on my local computer to use a Jupyter Server running on a Dataiku Design Node?

I do this all the time with generic could instances with python and jupyter installed. I simply do the following:

  1. on the cloud instance terminal run:
    1. jupyter lab --ip=<cloud.instance.ip.address> --allow_remote_access=true --browser=False
    2. jupyter lab list
      • to get the Jupyter Server URI in the following format:
      • http(s)://<server:port>/?token=********
  1. In VS Code
    1. run ctrl+shift+p
    2. select 
      • Jupyter: Specify Jupyter Server for Connections
    3. input the Jupyter Server URI from 1.2 above

Then I can run python code from my local VS Code and the code executes in the Jupyter Server running on the Dataiku Design Node.

Is it possible to get the Jupyter Server URI with the for a Jupyter Server running in a Code Studio on the Dataiku Design Node in the following format 




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