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Accessing root node

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Accessing root node


I am wondering if there is a way to access the root node of any specific/selected node in the project flow? 

(Root, not the direct predecessor/s) 

Operating system used: Windows

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Hi @weaam7,

Do you mean the initial upstream dataset for a specific node in the flow? i.e. in this example if you selected the dataset "Orders_by_Country_Category" for example, you would want the "Orders" and "Customers" folders returned?

Screen Shot 2023-03-06 at 4.28.41 PM.pngYou can recurse through the flow using the flow API, to get all source items for any given "search node". Here is an example:

import dataiku 

def get_predessor(node, roots):
    if len(node['predecessors']) < 1:
        for node_key in node['predecessors']:
            child_node = graph.nodes[node_key]
            get_predessor(child_node, roots)

roots = []

client = dataiku.api_client()
# gets our current project graph 
project = client.get_default_project()
flow = project.get_flow()
graph = flow.get_graph()

# replace with your search dataset/recipe ID
search_item = 'Orders_by_Country_Category'
search_node = graph.nodes[search_item]

# call our function to recurse through the graph and return all roots of the given search node 
n = get_predessor(search_node, roots)

For the example flow above this returns the folder IDs for the two source folders in my flow:

Screen Shot 2023-03-06 at 5.07.40 PM.png

Let me know if you have any questions about this!


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