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Flask Environnemnt

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Flask Environnemnt

Hi crew!

I have a small question about webapps.
I wanted to know if it was possible to import a web app with a typical environment like Flask in Dataiku. Or if we can create our own environment that is not dependent on the basic Dataiku webapp environment?
Thank you in advance
Have a nice day!

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Hi @Romain_L!

I've not done it, but a colleague of mine is using Flask to develop webapps in dataiku. Furthermore, you can find information in the following post:

How to create Flask APi in dataiku?

And some limitations:

Import an existing Dash (Flask) webapp 

Hope this helps a bit.


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Hi @Ignacio_Toledo !

Thank you for your response.
I will look at the documentation more closely but what I see is that we are "forced" to go through the basic architecture (i.e. to display information coming from python, we have to go through the javascript interface).

Thanks again!

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