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VSCode in a Dataiku DSS World - Watch on Demand

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As nearly every Data Scientist knows, Jupyter notebooks are an extremely powerful and common platform for Python development. Dataiku provides first class support for development in Jupyter, but there are inevitably scenarios where code notebooks don't provide the type of software development muscle a project requires.

Watch now as @rmoore, (VP of AI Solutions at Excelion Partners) is going to show how to extend Python development in Dataiku to another powerful development IDE - Visual Studio Code. Utilizing VS Code, you'll be able to debug code from your desktop in ways that aren't easily possible with Jupyter - and still remain connected to the datasets from your Dataiku flow.


ResourceIntegrating Dataiku and Visual Studio Code for Python Development

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Ryan Moore Bio

With over 20 years experience as a Lead Software Architect, Principal Data Scientist, and technical author, Ryan is the VP of AI Solutions at Excelion Partners, providing Data Science architecture and implementation consultation to organizations around the globe.