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Integrating Snowflake with Dataiku DSS - Watch on Demand

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For this New York User Group event, @tim-wright  (Solutions Consultant at Axis Group) discusses how you can use Dataiku to leverage Snowflake in a way that enables organizations to do machine learning and AI at scale. We’ll focus on a few key capabilities that this integration enables.

Some key features of Snowflake through Dataiku that allow you to better scale AI and analytics.

    1. Scalability (scaling up and scaling out)
    2. Zero Copy Cloning (versioning your data on the cheap)
    3. Native Spark Integration (greater flexibility for transformations)
    4. Variant Columns (leverage Dataiku and Snowflake to analyze semi-structured data)

 Prepare for a vibrant group discussion with the following:

1) Cloud-Optimized AI Solutions with Dataiku + Snowflake

2) The Dataiku and Snowflake Data Science Integration: A Real-Life Example

3) Snowflake — Dataiku DSS 8.0 documentation

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