12 Dataiku Capabilities to Master in 2021

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12 Dataiku Capabilities to Master in 2021

Have you made it your goal in 2021 to master all of Dataiku DSS capabilities? Looking for some inspiration? 

This year, organizations are determined to execute on data science and AI strategies that are agile, collaborative, and responsible, in order to ultimately achieve concrete business transformation. Our Dataiku super users have been busy exploring new possibilities with the platform, pushing forward to solve business problems and deliver solutions to their respective organizations. Before our next release, brush up on top features when it comes to visualization, efficiency, and transparency, and see how you can leverage them with ease. You’ll be on the road to becoming a super user in no time! Read More

Looking for more resources to help you use Dataiku effectively and upskill your knowledge? Check out these great resources: Dataiku Academy | Documentation | Knowledge Base

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Working on my 2021 goals in 2023.

I'm so close!