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Automation in Dataiku DSS

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Automation in Dataiku DSS

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“Most machine learning or AI models don’t make it to the production.” Fortunately, this situation is changing with time with the help of AI/ML platforms such as Dataiku DSS. But scheduling and automating a data pipeline is still one of the biggest challenges in operationalising a data science business solution. Building an efficient and leakage-free data pipeline requires plenty of checks and complex logic put into the correct sequence. Automation in Dataiku DSS helps you achieve that efficiency elegantly using Scenarios, Metrics and Checks features. In this session, we will be learning about these features to build an efficiently running data pipeline on Dataiku DSS.

About our speaker 

Devesh Singh is an experienced professional working as Data Scientist at Dataiku based in India. His affinity towards data analysis and science arose after working in market research and business intelligence. Devesh has worked on Dataiku DSS for about three years and has deployed multiple data science solutions in production. In addition, he likes teaching and sees it as a lifelong hobby.

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