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read excel file present in folder

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read excel file present in folder

i could not able to read excel file  present in dataiku folders .could you please share me the code if possible thanks in advance 

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From the Python API for managed folders we can get a handle to interact with the objects inside a folder. However, there is no specific Dataiku method for reading Excel files. One straightforward method to do so would be to use pandas. For example:

import dataiku
import pandas as pd
folder=dataiku.Folder('<name of folder>')
with folder.get_download_stream(<path of file inside folder>) as f:

Please note that depending on the details of your Python and DSS version and the extension of the files the code may need to be slightly different. Also, note I am using the 'openpyxl' engine to do the read. So the code env I am using has this package installed. You may choose to use a different one.

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Hello @degananda264,

Did you try to use the "Create Dataset" when you selected your folder in your flow?

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