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need api based code to copy datasets to new project

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need api based code to copy datasets to new project

I have about 500 tables in various projects. I need code which can copy the 500 tables to a new project. I tried various approaches but none of them is working. csv_file contains project name and table name of the 500 tables. please help

for index, row in csv_file.iterrows():
print(row['source_dataset_name'], row['destination_dataset_name'])
inp = dataiku.Dataset(row['source_dataset_name'])
out = dataiku.Dataset(row['destination_dataset_name'])
path_in_connection='/'+ 'SOURCES' +'/' + row['Dataset']
builder = project.new_managed_dataset(dataset_name)
builder.with_store_info(connection, format_option_id="PARQUET_HIVE")
dataset = builder.create()
#dataset = project.create_fslike_dataset("mydataset", "HDFS", "name_of_connection", "path_in_connection")
#write_dataset = project.create_s3_dataset(dataset_name, connection, path_in_connection, bucket=None)
#settings = write_dataset.autodetect_settings()
#write_dataset.write_with_schema(inp.get_dataframe(sampling='head', limit=1000))
out.write_dataframe(inp.get_dataframe(sampling='head', limit=1000))

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Can you describe the error you are getting? What exactly is not working?

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