how we can achieve Data Lineage in DataIku

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how we can achieve Data Lineage in DataIku

How we can achieve table and column decencies in recipes.

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Hello @preetigupta15 ,

It depends on your use case and what you're trying to do but a first level of answer could be :

Currently, here are the different ways to do data lineage in Dataiku :

- Dataset/table level lineage: directly from the flow

- Column-level lineage: Dataiku 12.5.0 released in January 2024 added a new Flow view called “Column usage”, to see where some given columns appear in your flow

We're currently working to improve the lineage capabilities. If you're interested in being part of the user test do not hesitate to come back to me.

Have a nice day


@ElieA ,

Can you point to any knowledge base articles, tutorials or the like that would help us learn more about these features?  That would be helpful to me to learn more.  

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Column Usage is very cool. 

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