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Using Managed Folder from Outside Dataiku

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Using Managed Folder from Outside Dataiku


I need to access binary files from a container. The dataiku.Folder class doesn't work and I am using dataikuapi.dss.managedfolder.DSSManagedFolder instead because it is like calling the folder from outside Dataiku. I need to read a file from this folder, for that I am using the get_file() method. How can I get the file content in binary after that? And how can I write a binary file to DSSManagedFolder?

Thank you!

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in a container you indeed can't use direct-access APIs like get_path() (for obvious reasons). Instead you need to use and (or one of the upload_*** variants). The equivalent in the public API is get_file() and put_file() as yoiu've found.

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