Upload one Excel with Multiple Sheets

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Upload one Excel with Multiple Sheets


I am developing a visual application in which the users will upload one excel with multiple sheets (each sheet contains different column headers).

One solution is to let users upload it multiple times, each time they can select a different sheet name. The shortcoming is if the excel file is large, uploading could take long. One sheet is very large, and remaining sheets only have a few rows. Then even uploading the small sheet still takes the same time as uploading the large sheet. 

The current solution is to upload the excel file into a Dataiku folder, and then use a python recipe to parse the sheets by their sheet names. But if the excel file is large, using 'pd.read_excel' could still take ~3 min to read inputs. 

Is there a faster way to automatically upload one excel and parse the specified sheets into different Dataiku tables? Thank you!

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You can use the "Excel Sheet Importer" Dataiku Plugin for your use case.

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