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Hi All,

I'm Ashwin S and passionate about working with ML-based projects. Here I want to know are any projects which are going on or any other project coming up so that I can join and start working. Also where can get access to ongoing projects in Data iku. Please do let me know.

Thank you





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Our software is used for business, academic, NGO or personal purposes.

If you are new to Dataiku, I suggest you start by completing one of the learning paths from our free academy. These paths include many hands-on projects that are embedded in the software.

If you are looking for inspiration, check also our read-only gallery instance, in which you can check many examples of projects.

I hope this helps.

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Hi Ashwin and welcome to the Dataiku Community, 👋

And just in case you need more challenging project to familiarize yourself with Dataiku there are also our Community Conundrums - a set of data challenges with varying difficulty for you to test and improve your skills on.