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Show and Tell - Vol. 2

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Show and Tell - Vol. 2

Welcome to Show and Tell! Just like when you were a kid, you can take something near and dear to you and show it off and tell us about it. In this case, we want to see your flow! Show off your proudest DSS Project and tell us about it. 

Today’s flow comes from @ben_p :


“This flow contains all of our daily data ETL processes, a mix of Python and SQL. Although quite a lot to take in at first glance, having all our jobs in one platform (DSS) rather than scattered across multiple tools and services, makes it easy for a team to monitor jobs and diagnose issues at any stage in the pipeline - the visual flow layout is great for this!

This flow does not contain any machine learning, but it builds many tables that are then used in ML projects later on.”

What about you? What can you show and tell? Blow us away with your complex flows! 

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