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I have 2 questions: 

1) I have 20 scenarios which I want to trigger. Is there any way to see the running status of all the scenarios at once ? and any way to filter out all the scenarios which failed ?

2) (related to ques. 1 only). Is there any custom way to automatically re-trigger all the scenarios which failed in the initial run ? 

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the public API has a call to know what's running. To know the last result of a scenario, the public python API also allows this with

import dataiku
c = dataiku.api_client()
p = c.get_default_project()
for s in p.list_scenarios(as_type="objects"):
        r = s.get_last_finished_run()
        print("%s -> %s" % (, r.outcome))
         print("%s -> no run yet" % (


About the question of re-triggering, you can start scenarios from the public API too, with run(). There are examples at .

But in such cases, if you want to run scenarios with retry capabilities, you should consider using a script-based scenario instead of a step-based one, and use to start the 20 scenarios

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