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Save plot did in R

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Save plot did in R

Hi everyone!

im beginner in DataIku, and i´ve had a problem in  how to declare the path/folder  output in my R code at dataiku. For while, i need to obtain the dendrogram plot, ok with my habitual code for this, but in dataiku i don´t know how proceed with this part:

plot(cluster.ward,main='Agrupamento Hierarquico',xlab='CPF')


the part to create the folder path is ok... i hope, sound like this



Thank you your assistance regarding this matter.




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the dkuManagedFolder...() methods apply to "managed folder" objects, that you create in your DSS flow with the "+ New Dataset > Folder" item. Provided the managed folder is created on a filesystem connection, like the "filesystem_folders" one, then you can get the absolute path to the folder on the DSS machine with dkuManagedFolderPath(). 

Note that if you're comparing with R code running on your local desktop machine, there's a difference with DSS in that R code run from DSS can only the filesystem of the machine that DSS is running on, and which may be a remote server depending on your setup.



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