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Regarding Database Connection using pyodbc

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Regarding Database Connection using pyodbc

Hello, I need to run my code in dataiku which requires connection to a database. The code requires "'sudo apt-get install unixodbc" to run. However, even after installing pyodbc in dataiku, I am facing error (Attached). Please guide through the process if any



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The error message is not coming from DSS, but from the actual script. It points at the server where the notebook is running missing the unixODBC development headers.

This is installed running the 'sudo apt-get install unixodbc-dev ' package.  Yet, you mention you've already followed this step.

Did you update the server after that, i.e. 'sudo apt-get update'?

If that does not work, can you doublechecked the configuration steps in the Microsoft's docs:

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