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Need Help: Dataiku and Hybrid Remote Learning Issue

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Need Help: Dataiku and Hybrid Remote Learning Issue

Hi everyone,

I hope you're all doing well. I'm a total newbie when it comes to technology, and I'm currently facing a bit of a problem with Dataiku while navigating through hybrid remote learning. I could really use some guidance from the experienced folks in this community.

Here's what's going on: As a student in a hybrid remote learning setup, I've been introduced to Dataiku, which I understand is a data science platform. However, I'm finding it a bit overwhelming to use, especially when switching between in-person and online classes.

Since we are doing a mix of in-person and online learning, I'm not sure how to effectively use Dataiku for both scenarios. I want to make sure I can use it to its full potential and not miss out on any important features.

Can someone please explain how I can effectively use Dataiku for hybrid remote learning? I want to ensure that I can work on my data science projects seamlessly, regardless of where I am learning from.

Here are some specific questions I have:

How do I access Dataiku when I'm attending classes remotely?
Are there any specific tasks or projects I can start with to get the hang of using Dataiku for remote learning?
Could there be any potential challenges I should be aware of while using Dataiku in a hybrid learning environment?
I apologize if these questions seem too basic, but I'm really trying my best to adapt to this new way of learning and using technology. Your patient and simple explanations would be a tremendous help to me.

If any of you have experience with using Dataiku for remote learning or have any tips to share, I'd be incredibly grateful for your support. I want to make the most out of this opportunity to learn and succeed in my studies.

Thank you all so much for your understanding and assistance. I'm looking forward to becoming more tech-savvy with your help!

Operating system used: window 10

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Let me see if I can be a bit of help.

1. There are two parts of Dataiku dss.   The server, this is where the actual data science and analysis occurs. The second part is the client, Dataiku is fully browser based, so it uses your browser as the client.  Dataiku DSS prefers google chrome browser.

1a.  The browser software runs on your local device, laptop, tablet, even phone (although I would not recommend using Dataiku dss from a phone).  The device running the browser client, needs to have a network connection to the server.  What that connection has to be depends on where the Dataiku server is running.

1b. The Dataiku server can run in many places.  On your local computer that is also running the browser.  On a computer run by your school on the schools premises. On a computer run by your school on someone else’s servers.  For example Amazon, or Microsoft azure. Or by the folks at Dataiku.  You will have to contact your instructor to find out more about this if your instructor or school is running the Dataiku DSS server you are trying to use.  

The point here is that you have to have a network connection between your browser client to the DSS server wherever it is running.

One of the most reliable ways of making this connection is to run both the browser client and server on the same computer. In that way you do not need any form of external connection and could run Dataiku dss at home or school using the same configuration. That said you need a powerful laptop computer to do this, and from time to time this computer will need it’s own network connection for setup and maintance of the DSS server.  Datiku provides local installers for windows, Mac OS, and Linux ti run the server on a local computer.  I find the best experience doing this locally on a Macintosh. Creating this kind of configuration does take some advanced skills.

For all other configurations where Dataiku DSS is running somewhere else you will need a reliable network connection between your local computer running the browser and where the DSS server is running.  You will need an internet connection from your home when working from your home.  You will need an internet connection from your classroom, and if you work on your studies from a coffee shop for example you will need a connection from there.

Depending on where the DSS server is running there may be other network connection requirements.  If your school is providing this access contact the technology support team.  If you are doing this on your own this is a fairly advanced technology setup.   If you can make arrangements to use the Dataiku online servers at least to start you may find things easier to start.

That is about all I have time for.  Hope this might be a bit of help. 

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How do I access Dataiku when I'm attending classes remotely?

>> I would imagine this is something your course provider should be able to answer. I mean it's not that we can't give you options, which I will below, but I suspect that your course provider/company has planned on giving you access to a Dataiku environment so you can practice and learn. This is how most companies do it. For instance if Dataiku themselves are running the training they would provision Dataiku instances in the AWS Cloud and provide you with access details for the duration of the course. So I believe you should go back to your company/course provider and ask them how you would access a Dataiku environment to work on your training.

Having said that if you are trying to self teach yourself or your course provider is not giving you access to a Dataiku environment there are many resources available. The Dataiku Academy provides free learning to anyone who registers. They have some learning paths you can follow as you progress through the different Dataiku subjects. Start with the Core Designer and move up the ladder. These courses expect you to have your own instance of Dataiku, called DSS, so you can perform the training hands-on parts. You can achieve this by using the Free Dataiku edition and installing it on your machine or on a Cloud server. Here is how to install on Windows and here is how to install on Mac. Neither of these installations are supported by Dataiku but they will be fine for training purposes. If installation is not an option or too complicated you have the posibility of requesting access to the Dataiku Online Cloud which gives you a 14 free trial. In this case Dataiku will run a DSS instance for you in the Cloud and it will be acccessible from any computer with a Chrome and internet access. 

Hope that helps.