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Introduce Yourself!

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Introduce Yourself!

As we're working to connect our user base and build a vibrant community space for everyone, we thought it would be helpful to have a space for members to introduce themselves and get to know others in the Community. 

A few thoughts starters: 

  • Username/Name
  • Location
  • Organization
  • Role 
  • Responsibilities
  • Experience in Data Science 

We look forward to connecting with everyone and learning more about our amazing group of Dataiku DSS users! 


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Hi everyone,

My name is Ben, I live and work in the beautiful Herefordshire countryside in the UK. I am currently Data Science Manager for the online clothing and sports wear retailer MandM Direct.

Here at MandM we do a lot of work around understanding our customers, and actioning data to improve our marketing communications and advertising spend. I have skilled up in the data science in the past couple of years, as the business has accumulated more data and has needed to look for smarter, faster ways to extract value from it.

We've come a long way over the last couple of years and DataIKU is the next exciting step in us embedding data science and machine learning into business action and decision making every single day.

Look forward to learning with you all,

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Hi @ben_p 

Ohh Herefordshire that's on my list for places to move once I leave London - I'll take your beautiful comment under advisement!

Welcome to the Community - I hope it helps you continue your upskilling!

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Hi everyone,

My name is David, I'm running a start-up on diverse IT projects include AI and machine learning, in Sydney, Australia.

I try to introduce a new methodology of AI and machine learning, I call it Advanced Machine Learning; I hope it can solve the AI crisis (like killer bots mentioned in DataIku proportional video), and help human development greatly.

Currently I look for partners to build some useful working machine learning applications.

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Community Manager

Welcome @David_Yu_20! Thanks for being a part of the Community.

Can you tell me a bit more about your new methodology?

Good luck on your hunt for partners! 

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Hi Michael,

The methodology I use is to put a programmable middle layer in neural networks like Markov Chain or Boltzmann Machine; making human-computer interactions more scalable and machine learning could become machine educating (human can extract valuable information from big data). For instance, if you want to build light speed spaceship, you can let AI teach you how to build it..

At this stage, we only co-work with our trusted partners, and there are many technical details involved if we start to cooperate. I'm always willing to discuss.


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Hello Everyone,

My name is Abhilash and I am based out of NY-NJ area. I work as an Engagement Manager at USEReady Inc., and primarily focus on data projects in the financial services industry. I would define myself as someone who understands the financial services space, but my experience in data science techniques is at a beginner level.

I looking forward to connecting and learning from you all.

Best regards,


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Hi all,

I’m Mani, a Freelance Software, Data and ML engineer, Java developer by heart by a polyglot by trade and skills.

I’m a fan of many things, and Dataiku is one of them hence decided to join this forum. As you have guessed Data, Data Science, NLP and Machine Learning are my favourite topics, taking into mind Performance and other things which you can find in my detailed outline about myself here. Not just runtime HW/SW performance but also model performance and explainability.

I use many tools for the end-to-end process and Dataiku is among them in the pipeline.

I take great interest in GraalVM and Truffle (see my work on, alongside also a strong enthusiast of AI/ML/DL (see - I learn and share my knowledge through these repositories and via LinkedIn and Twitter as well.

Happy to answer questions about anything in my area of expertise and most importantly I’m here to also learn and discuss other topics that this forum focusses on.

Thank you and please reach out if you like to chat some more.


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Hello all,
I am in switzerland an I am master's student.

I use Dataiku for deeplearning and I have a problem.

1) Deeplearning and cpu only is : wait wait wait wait and wait.
2) I am windows user and I have a good pc gamer but I cannot use dataiku natively (only vm).

my presence here is for build a bootable usb stick with linux and dataiku for use gpu of my pc gamer.
By this way I can use GPU in dataiku without destroying my windows installation or buy new expensive computer only for that.

If someone is interested, you can help me to do that.

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I understand that DL runs slow on CPU.

Dataiku is really a native Linux application suite.   It does not run directly on Windows that's why the virtual machine is offered as one option. You will definitely loose some performance using a VM, and I'm not clear if you will be able to successfully expose the GPU to the VM if you end up going the VM way.

Your idea of dual boot your computer into Linux and Windows seems like a good idea. How are you with basic computer repairs.  Opening the case, adding an removing hard drives.  Maybe using a second real SSD rather than what is likely to be a slower USB Stick might be a better idea. This might represent an answer for you.  I think that you would be most likely to be able to get linux drivers that will allow you to access your GPU.  In this case, you would have to boot into a real Linux when you want to do some DL, reboot into Windows when you have to use an MS Application.  However, using a separate drive would allow you to protect your MS Windows drive.  In fact while setting up you could open your computer and remove the Windows drive in order to avoid the risk of corruption.  

As an alternative Using DSS with WLS2 might be a possibility

Here is some documentation

I don't know what will happen with GPU drivers under WLS2.

Here is another maybe cautionary note from the community about WLS

There is a long thread on using DSS on a laptop that has a somewhat related discussion.

Please let us know how you get on with this.

I've not actually solved this problem.  How have others solved the GPU and DSS on a Designer Node?  I personally would love to hear how folks are working out these challenges.

Here is some GPU setup documentation.


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Hello @tgb417 ,

If I can do a good install tutorial, I share it with all.
I have try to put my tuto install for be checking it in a post in this forum.

follow us on :

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