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I'm trying to do some end of quarter reporting of what DSS has delivered

I'm trying to do some end of quarter reporting of what DSS has delivered

Is there a way to tell how many times Scenarios have run across all projects?

What other metrics to other report up about the activity of the DSS environment and how much it is being used.

Operating system used: Mac OS Ventura 13.3.1

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Hi Tom!

You can create an internal stats dataset and select "scenario runs" to create a dataset with the scenario runs' information.

From there, using a prepare recipe or Python code, you can filter out the rows by the timestamps/outcomes, depending on your needs. 

For other overall metrics, you can use the other types of internal stats datasets. If you are looking for more specific information on a dataset, the metrics dataset might be of interest.

Lastly, there is always the option to parse through the API calls in the audit logs, but this will require a bit more work.




@RoyE ,

Thanks for the quick reply.  

I missed this apparently relatively new type of DSS dataset. Very cool. 

For others checking this thread in the future.  This might also help from the documentation:

I’ll give this a look in the coming days. And try to share a bit more in case it is helpful.  

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